Bigg Boss 14 Show Postponed…! Why….?

Bigg Boss 14 Live:

Reality show is postponed…!

Top Information…?

Most famous Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is going to host Reality based Show Bigg Boss 14…. A most famous Indian TV reality shows Bigg Boss 14 Live. Mr. Salman Khan is not going to do hosting for the first time in the timeline of the reality TV show….. Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss Season for the 11th in the annual life cycle of the show.

Bigg Boss 14 Season is also waiting to be hosted by this legend superstar. But…! Just like the other seasons fans are not happy about the live streaming dates which were delayed due to international disease corona virus. According to today life style no one can live happy without entertainment. According to the repetition cycle of the Bigg Boss Show fans wait for the live streaming of the show for the whole year. But due to international disease Bigg Boss Show live streaming was delayed which was a strong reason to increase the fans and audience eager. According to present situations and medical department’s reports corona virus effects are not finished yet but its effects on human being are decreased.

It can be said that its effective peak time is over and it is not totally finished yet. All the entertaining platforms are trying to come back on that life track on which life style was running before corona virus disease. For this purpose makers and Bigg Boss team released a teaser for Bigg Boss 14 Show on 20 September 2020. This video was also based on the real life style these days as life of everyone was colorless because afraid of international disease. In that promo Salman Khan said “Lockdown laya normal life main speed breaker isi lye uga raha hoon chawal aur chala raha hoon tractor…. per ab scene paltey ga kunkey a raha hai Bigg Boss 2020 only on Colors pe.”

Bigg Boss Show makers another teaser in which Saloo said “2020 ke manoranjan ka scene palatny a raha hai… Bigg Boss jald a raha hai sirf #Colors pe. Watch Bigg Boss 14 Show before TV only on Voot.”

Salman khan in another video said Manoranjan pe 2020 ne uthaya parashan, dengy uttar mante huy jashan… Ab scene palty ga.. Kunky Bigg Boss dengy 2020 ko jawab.

According to the show rules teaser and Bigg Boss 14 Show Live streaming date was made live few days ago to all the fans and audience which was great news related to their entertainment portal. Releasing a show promo and announcing date for the show premier brought monsoon weather after a dull and boring lockdown.

As effects of international disease corona virus has not been finished but its peak time has passed. Corona virus has put a unremarkable effects on all the world health and all the stuff related to the humanity. Due to these reason lives of everyone was boring.

According to the authentic reports Bigg Boss 14 Live Streaming is delayed due to corona virus and may be due to other reasons. Bigg Boss 14 Show promo brought colorful scenes for a while and now it is said that the show live streaming will be made on air in October 2020. This news can put bad effects on all the fans and audience mind which was made in the favor of show releasing in 27 September 2020.

All the activities related to the show premier were finished after teaser including theme, promo, contestant’s record etc. After releasing Bigg Boss 14 Show promo ardent fans were excited to know about the contestants that which contestant will be get locked in to the Bigg Boss 14 Show house. Bigg Boss 14 Show maker and team started approaching popular TV stars for the new Bigg Boss 14 Season. There are some speculations which are on rife that the likes about Nia Sharma,vivian Dsena, Akanksha Puri and Jasmine Bhasinhave been seen that approached to the feature in the reality based Bigg Boss 14 Show.

Theme is a necessary topic to give appropriate information’s to all fans & audience. The Bigg Boss 14 season have a unique design this year.

Bigg Boss 14 Season maker and team have arranged a beautiful way before getting locked inside the Bigg Boss 14 Season about corona virus. Makers panned that each contestant will be made quarantine in isolated different rooms for a single week in different hotels situated in Mumbai. But due to corona virus effects show releasing date have been postponed up to October.

It is important to remind every fans of the Show that the Bigg Boss 14 Show house have been constructed in Mumbai’s Film City instead of Lonavala. According to the current conditions this time Bigg Boss 14 Show will clash with the Indian Premier League. There is another good news to all the world is that Star Plus is planning to air Nach Balya at the same time of Bigg Boss 14 Show Live Streaming.

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