Bigg Boss Show History, Start Date and Reviews about It…!

Bigg boss is an Indian Hindi Tv reality show, which was initiated by Endemol in Netherlands and broadcasted by Indian Tv channel “Colors“. The body frame of Bigg Boss Show is totally based on the Dutch Reality game created by the Big Brother.

From the day of initiation to till Bigg Boss Show have completed thirteenth shows on a best progressive entertainment baseline. According to the timeline/schedule Bigg Boss show 14 seasons was approximately going to be live in September, but unfortunately due to the international disease COVID-19, it will be on air in October or in November.

Bigg Boss Show Season-1

At the initial stage of Bigg Boss Seasons its fist show was broadcasted by Sony Entertainment on 3rd November 2006 up to 26th January 2007. The Bigg Boss 1st show wes telecasted up to eighty six days. From the base point it was not thought that this will be a greatest entertainment for the next life. Indian Hindi Big Brother’s show Bigg Boss uses all the celebrities as housemates unlike the other Big Brother’s Shows. In the ist series of the Bigg Boss show Rahol Roy was the winner and Carol Gracias was runner up of the Bigg Boss show from the rest of all the housemates.

Bigg Boss Show Season-2

Indian reality Tv Show “Bigg Boss” 2nd season was aired on August 21st, 2008 on Colors Tv Channel in which Arshad Warsi was appointed as a host of the Bigg Boss Season 2. It is also important to remember that Arshad Warsi was appointed as the Shilpa Shety was replaced. All the contestants in the Bigg Boss 2 were from the Indian Tv platforms and from the Bollywood and also participated from the other Tv’s Reality Shows.

In the Bigg Boss Season 2 fourteen housemates were chosen and all the handpicked members were introduced as newsmakers rather than celebrities. All the strange housemates spent a considerable number of life days with each other under a single roof, electronically supervised within the Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss Season 2 was broadcasted /lived up to 98 days. Actually Bigg Boss Season 2 was ended on 22 November 2008. Ashtoush Kaushik was the top contestant of the Bigg Boss 2Season and was awarded with a huge amount of 1 Crore.   In Bigg Boss Season 2 Raja Chaudhery was the runner up of the Bigg Boss 2nd Season.

Bigg Boss Show Season-3

With the progressive timeline of Bigg Boss Show Amitabh Bachan hosted the show for the 3rd season. Bigg Boss Season 3 was broadcasted in 2009.

Vindhu Dara Singh was the winner of the Bigg Boss Show and the other housemates Paravech Rana and Poonam Dhillon were awarded by the 1st and 2nd runner up.

Bigg Boss Show Season-4

One of the most popular stars from the entertainment word joined the Great Show Bigg Boss for the 1st time and then became the most popular host for the rest of all the seasons up to present time. From the history it is also clear that this season also will be hosted by the great star Salman Khan like the other majority shows. Actually Bigg Boss Season 4 was finalized on the January 8th, 2011 with its grand finale. It can be proved from the historic facts that all the great rewards are won by the personalities having great ethics. By the help of hard work and powerful ambition Shewta Tivari got the first prize of the Bigg Boss Season and got 10million Indian Rupees. On the other hand The Great Khali was awarded with the 1st runner up award.

Bigg Boss Show Season-5

In this season majority of housemates were females. From the past records it can be clear that total number of housemates were 18 in which 14 housemates were females and the rest of housemates were males.

Bigg Boss Season 5 was also held in India. By that time the Bigg Boss Show was hosted by one of great entertaining star Sunjay Dutt. Salman Khan participate the Bigg Boss Show as an Actor. During this season the Bigg Boss Show take 98 days from the universal life journey. It was initiated on the 2nd October 2011 and reached in grand finale on 7th January 2012.Bigg Boss Season 5 was won by Juhi Parmar and Mahek Chahal was announced as a runner up.

Bigg Boss Show Season-6

With the progressive age of the Bigg Boss Season, In its 6th season Salman Khan was chosen as a host of the Show on 7th October 2012 to 12 January 2013. In this season 19 housemates participate and Urvashi Dholakia was the winner housemate and Imam Siddique & Sana Khan was the runner up of the Bigg Boss Show season 6. The Bigg Boss Season continued up to 97 days. The Bigg Boss Season 6th was broadcasted by Colors Tv.

Bigg Boss Seasons 7~13

On the base of popularity level of the personality Salman Khan remains host for the rest of all the Bigg Boss Shows up to 13th season. Like the other seasons a limited number of housemates were selected for each season and some of them evicted and some of them were awarded with huge prize money.

Bigg Boss Season 14

The probability to be live of the Bigg Boss season 14 is in September or October 2020.

Bigg Boss 14 Eligibility Criteria

There have been some parameters set to take participation in the Bigg Boss Show. If a person is selected in the audition but he did not qualify for the eligibility rules then there are no chances for his selection in the Bigg Boss Season Show. So eligibility criteria should be checked before applying for the audition or for the Bigg Boss Show.

  1. Minimum age 18 years
  2. Indian citizen is must
  3. Identity proof

If a person has all these completed parameters then he is able to apply.

Registration Process

Follow all the bellow steps in order to apply

By the help of voot app fill the form online.

Provide your video as a speaking test must not longer than 3 minutes having size not larger then 60mb

Accept all the terms and conditions according to the rules of the Bigg Boss Show.

Submit your application that’s all…

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